Our Technology Development

The world is forging ahead with technology, we look to use this to our advantage & keep up in the digital age.

Pre-built computer programs are not a one size fits all, so we are developing systems and apps using Microsoft Power Apps that are unique to us and can provide live data for us to manage staff, projects and our fleet.

Health & Safety


These apps are developed for our staff keeping Health and Safety for themselves & those around them in the forefront of their minds.

  • Ordering PPE
  • Accident/Near miss report

By keeping the layout basic, having easy tick box checklists & straight forward steps the team can get what they need to across to right people in real-time.



Our apps here allow our Project Managers & Team leaders to have daily communication.

  • Who is on site
  • Daily task expectations
  • Any other information that can help with the program time frame
  • Progress photos




Our qualified mechanics and workshop team have a number of vehicles & equipment in our fleet which need regular servicing and maintenance.

Here they can keep clear records of each vehicle, what work was completed & who worked on it. 

  • Make, model, purchase dates
  • Service & Maintenance Records
  • WoF & CoF reminders




Without staff we wouldn't exist!  With them in mind, making each app unique to its requirements but also uniform for all our different projects.

  • Clocking in & out 
  • Leave Requests
  • Training Competency

As the creators are not always the people who will be using the apps regularly, our staff come to us & express how it well (or not so well) the apps are working for them.




The app for our bills is an easy-to-read format where we can add as much or as little information as we want.  Creating columns in different formats that suit the information.

  • Tracking for each project
  • Bill allocation to Project Managers for approval
  • Copies of original invoices attached for easy viewing
  • Compatible with accounting software for import & export of files