Mangati Properties Subdivision


Mangati Properties



Bell Block, New Plymouth


Development of 60 subdivision sections, associated road and green areas in Bell Block.


Completed February 2019

What's Involved

  • Civil project management and administration
  • Site earthworks and section development with 19,976 m3 cut to fill and waste.
  • 712m of sewermain with 5 manholes.
  • 688m of stormwater (300mm RCRRJ and 375mm RCRRJ pipe) with 7 manholes.
  • 695m of watermain, with associated house connections; fire hydrants and connections.
  • 1,449m of kerb & channel, including heavy duty, mountable and nib kerb.
  • 5,765m2 of road preparation and sealing.
  • Miscellaneous works of culvert installation; subsoil rock drainage; rock work; gas tie ins; garden & trees.


The projects required working within the community of Bell Block and management of public expectations and safety.


Traffic management and provision of accessibility to the public walkways was critical to ensure user experiences were not compromised.