Liardet Street Pedestrian Overpass


Client : New Plymouth District Council
Consultant : Boon Goldsmith Bhasker Team Architecture Ltd
Location : Liardet St, New Plymouth

Contract Duration : 8 Months / Completion date : 20th October 2006

The project required the removal of existing structures, retaining work and formation of hill for overpass structure with reinforced concrete. Paths, steps, balustrades, seating, rail barrier fencing, footpath surfacing and bollards. Ground contouring, landscaping with special lighting & planting.
This project required our workforce to work in and around the railway corridor on the NP waterfront. An approved Ontrack safety watch was used at all times. No recordable incidences.
Construction was on the foreshore of NP within a public walkway. All due care was required to not disturb the existing environment.
This project was awarded the Ingenium Excellence Awards 2007, for physical works.