Taranaki Central Landfill Enabling Works



New Plymouth District Council, South Taranaki District Council, Stratford District Council





Completed in 2019


This project was for the development of the central landfill for the local district councils of Taranaki. 


Project Scope

New civil infrastructure build.


Enabling Works: 

• Protection of the existing monitoring wells and services.

• Construction and maintenance of erosion and sediment control measures including two sediment retention ponds.

• Employing dust control measures.

• Site drainage.

• Site clearance and stripping (42,918 m2).

• Supplying and installing farm gates and farm fences.

• Formation of farm access roads.

• Excavation of material to stockpiles including operation and maintenance of the stockpile area (47,108m3).


Reinstatement Works:

Respreading stockpiles, removing environmental controls and reinstatement of the farmland.



This project was for the new Taranaki landfill at Eltham. It held a significant public profile and interest. Key stakeholders including NPDC, STDC, SDC, and TRC. 

With the change to the project scope of reinstating back to farmland, contract confidentiality and confidence to deliver was paramount. 

Stringent environmental management planning was required due to potential contaminated soil issues and disposal controls. Environmental controls and considerations included dust suppression; disposal management plans including prescribed journey management planning; protection of the liners; liaising with neighbouring landowners to ensure no disruption to their property.

Decanting Earth Bunds (DEBs) were constructed to control stormwater runoff. Dust suppressants were utilised by damping down; grassing, hay mulching (80,000m2 area) and use of hydroseed spraying. Silt fencing was used to maintain surface water runoff and diversion to the DEBs and silt retention ponds.