Burkes Drain Flood Management

Burkes Drain Flood Pump Station was a Design & Build awarded contract



Horizons Regional Council


Completed in November 2014 


The contract was for the design and construction of a pump station with a capacity of 7.5m3/s build on the banks of Burkes Drain, and area renowned for flooding.



Project Scope

Excavation work was 14 meters deep, some 3 meters below the invert of Burkes Drain.  The structure was 21 meters long, 10 meters wide and 6 meters high, consisting of insitu and precast concrete construction, a large concrete 9m x 6m x 3m surge chamber to control the water discharge was also included in the scope.  Twin 1350 RCRRJ pipe lines led the water flow 1050 meters downstream from the Pump Station.


The construction process was accelerated by the innovative use of precast reinforced concrete slabs, which were delivered to the site by truck from the precast works. The wet well base slab was site cast, with the wet well walls, roof and internal pump inlet bays being constructed from precast post tensioned concrete slabs; which were subsequently placed by crane and joined with site cast stitch joints. The discharge pipes were cut through the stop bank, which was then reconstructed with a filter collar around the new pipelines to mitigate the risk of a piping failure in the embankment when the Manawatu River is in flood.