HASNO Compliance Bund Upgrades

Clients: Various

With the change in the HSNO Regulations, Operators required upgrades to their facilitates to demonstrate compliance to secondary containment requirements. Since 2007, WCE had completed 10 tank bund  upgrades to achieve the Hazardous Substances Act (HSNO) Compliance by 2017 for a number of Clients. 

Whitaker Civil Engineering Ltd has been selected as the preferred contractor to complete this programme of works, with most bund construction work projects programmed for a six month duration over the summer period. In general the works have required:

Civil project management and administration; earthworks demolition; HDPE liner installation; megaflow subsoil drainage; polyurea membrane application; geotech membrane for embankment stabilisation; concrete foundations and structures; stormwater separator systems; retaining walls; kerbing; pavement construction; chipsealing; and hydroseeding.

The projects required working within the live petrochemical environment to international standards for quality and safety.

The projects demonstrate WCE's ability to strictly adhere to environmental and safety compliance requirements; met a stringent schedule and client budget; carry out multi-discipline scopes of work, including earthworks, paving and liner in a brownfield environment.


Henwood Bridge
Bell Block Bypass

Bell Block Bypass (click here for more)

The Bell Block Bypass is a carriageway linking New Plymouth to the north. The road is approximately  3.5km long and includes numerous structures along its length.


Te Rewa Rewa Bridge (click here for more)

The new pedestrian bridge over the Waiwhakaiho River extends New Plymouths beautiful coastal walkway to Bell Block.



Liardet Street Pedestrian Overpass  (click here for more)


The Liardet Street  Pedestrian Overpass is located on the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway. WCE was contracted to construct a bridge over the existing rail corridor; a carpark and surrounding siteworks with street furniture.

Colson Road Landfill

Whitaker Civi operated the Colson Road Landfill from 2007 to June 2016.

We  introduced a new computerised weighbridge system which is has an interface for the Truck Drivers to use to produce all the data the council requires to keep accurate records of what goes into the landfill from both a financial and environmental perspective.

To ensure the waste material is being compacted enough we  invested in a modern waste compactor machine and do tests on the material to compare weight to volume.

Over the time we operated the Landfill we also completed the earthworks to increase the capacity to its full design this was done in two stages and involved shaping new batters that are suitable to extend the thick plastic liner up.

Pohokura Gas Re-Injection

This project was completed on time and involved a whole new area of Plant being developed with extensive pipe and electrical links to the existing plant. Our large construction team was put together with personnel experienced from working on many other sites in the Taranaki Petrochemical Industry.  

Brougham Street Shared Space Development

This prestigious development in the very center of town involved a highly detailed design from Richard Bain Landscape Architects. As the name suggests this is a pedestrian area with vehicle access and also use by adjacent businesses as part of their trading environment. The design uses gridlines which diverge from the line of the street and complement the existing development on the other side of Ariki Street. A large grass area and extensive seating lend the space as suitable for many other civic uses. The area achieves many different design interface criteria and was a challenging and interesting project that WCE was proud to be involved with.

Rugby Park New Plymouth


The terraces upgrade significantly increased the capacity of the stadium in readiness for the Rugby World Cup 2011. The finished terraces have a high degree of access and safety elements built in.

WITT Student Classrooms and Workshops

At WITT we have project managed the modernisation and renovation of extensive indoor and outdoor areas. This has included Classrooms Workshops and Toilets with walls ceilings and floors being constructed as well as all the inside fixtures. The high quality architectural projects by Jenny Goddard Design have achieved great results at the Institute.

Taranaki Velodrome Trust

The Velodrome is a 333.33m long oval and is accurately constructed to international standards.

The accompanying track circuit is a minimum of 4m wide and is 1.7km round.

The Velodrome itself is a complex shape which needed control setout every 2.5m. The slopes presented a challenge throughout construction from the subgrade up, the very best compaction practices were used with considerable overfilling then cutting back of the sand. The paving it was recognised from the start would need to be handled differently to accommodate the considerable slope, some stabilisers counter-balances and extra safety measures were employed.

A high quality and much anticipated community asset was handed over on a special Open Day which incorporated a fun ride to the venue then a demonstration from a local cycling club.

Pukekura Park Play Space

This is an architecturally designed flagship play area for New Plymouth. First the old features were removed and the site sealed off, there are numerous pedestrian access points to the site but only one small vechicular access. This dictated the sequence of construction which included much concreting of the various paths circulating through the site, above and below ground features, different surfaces e.g soft fall, picnic grass, steps, walls and seating. Everything was marked out precisely so the design would fit into the irregular shape and tie in to the surrounding park.

A special opening day was planned and it was well received in the community.


Burkes Drain (Manawatu) Flood Defense

A major pumping station is currently under construction. In conjunction widening of the existing drain in the area has already been completed. The Earthworks were large volume spread over a large area either side of the drain, access over the drain was very limited and generally the grades were steep. Also as part of the earthworks contract various properties in the area had stopbanks built out of the material removed from the drain.


Hobson Hotel New Plymouth

Project managed by Foster Construction, the Hobson Hotel is under the Accor Novotel brand and has 85 rooms, some apartments, a restaurant/bar and conference rooms. The building is located on the edge of the CBD and its most striking feature is its curved profile. This affects the shape of the entire hotel, rooms, corridors and restaurant, with more curved features in the spacious reception area.

Whitaker Civil was involved with the entire ground works from ground stabilisation and service diversion, through retaining walls, new services, extensive piling, ground beams, pile caps and first stage building columns and shear walls.

While the main contractor completed the upper part of the building our involvement continued with the hotel grounds.

Our team worked very well around the other contractors on a fairly compact site, also on the site is a protected tree of which there are only two in New Zealand. Whitaker Civil are proud to have been a part of this landmark building which is not only attractive but also built to the highest earthquake standards.


Pukeiti Regional Gardens

Whitaker Civil was involved with the redevelopment of the parking areas and with the construction of a covered walkway feature. It was a challenging contract partly due to the detailed design  but also due to the works needing to be completed off season in an area with a high rainfall.

Wiremu Bridges (click here for more)


The Wiremu Road Bridge contracts have been completed for the South Taranaki District Council. Work involved bridge construction; road construction and surrounding site works.

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